Let D&S N-VISIONS help you with your industrial needs. D&S N-VISIONS has 32 years Mechanical experience in Oil and Chemical Refineries working on turbines, compressors, pumps, mechanical seal and related parts. The technology of Mechanical Seals and Seal Pot Level Gages has grown over the years. Seal Pots have become widely used to contain a barrier fluid to keep mechanical seals lubricated and cool.

The current problem is that these seal pots have a Welded Pad Sight Glass on them to view the level which cannot be cleaned without disassembling the glass. The Sight Glass must be removed and replaced. This task in most cases would involve scheduling different crafts, parts and time to accomplish which cost money and is generally neglected. This negligence could cause potential seal damage which could be estimated in thousands of dollars in parts and labor depending on the size of the pump and seal.

After working with Seal Pot Level Gages over the years, I designed an Adapter Plate to install behind the Sight Glass. This will accommodate some pipe plugs or valves so the glass can be cleaned in place. Once the adapter plate is installed it can be easily cleaned by operations blocking in the seal pot from service, draining the level down, pulling the plugs, flushing and cleaning with a bottle brush. Then, close it off, plug and fill it up to its proper level. My Adapter Plates can be made to fit many styles needed. I have incorporated a New Design for New Installation. My welded pad is thicker to accommodate pipe plugs behind the Sight Glass and to accommodate a radius if specified. Once the Sight Glass is installed it can be cleaned in the same manner as the Adapter Plate procedure.

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